Freelance Nature Writer

How I set about making money from writing about nature, people and places after ditching my day job


Amanda Tuke

Writer: nature, people, places

This blog follows my efforts to become a freelance nature:people:place writer and earn more than the London Living Wage. In 2020 this was £10.75 per hour and I’m planning to work for 28 hours a week.

Each month I’ll review my progress against a set of measures which are:

The value of commissions I received in the month against an ultimate goal of £1204 (for 112 hours work).

The number of pitches I made to publications against an initial goal of 10 pitches a month with at least 5 of those to paying publications.

The number of words I write against an initial goal of 5000 words a month.

But, and it’s a big but… I’m not prepared to pitch to publications where I disagree with the ethical or political stance they take.

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