I received the response from Croydon Council to my FOI request this morning as shown below…

In essence, they won’t tell me when it might be considered at that Planning Sub-Committee or what’s going to happen before then… so I’m just going to have to keep an eye on the agendas which are released a week before each meeting.

Please can you answer the following questions in relation to planning application number 20/01417/FUL:

  1. Is this planning application currently being progressed?
    Application is currently being considered, all details can be found on our online register. Attached is a guide on how to search and register for automatic notifications where you
    will be emailed details when events occur with the application.
  2. If yes, at which case at which Planning Committee meeting do you anticipate it will be considered? Officers are still undertaking their assessment of this application and therefore no date
    has been set for the consideration of the application at Planning Committee.  Until this assessment has been concluded we are unable to advise of a date.
  3. If no, and there is an intentional delay, what are the activities which will be carried out before it is considered? Please answer in relation to both activities by the Council and by third party organisations.
     Please see attached advice note on how the council makes decisions on planning applications and specifically the section on ‘Planning Committee’.