My October review against plan is as follows:

  • Finish book proposal and write a chapter 2: Yup, I did both of these. I’m trying to make sure that my chapter builds on the other nature writing I’m doing in the month, so for October I used an article about pavement weeds I’d been commissioned to write for a magazine.
  • Botany plan to support book writing: I had planned to create 100 flashcards of unfamiliar species but I then decided to create flashcards for family characteristics instead. I did some work on rushes and sedges consolidated by some plant hunting trips.
  • 1000 words of new nature writingover and above my book chapter: Yes easily achieved
  • 4 pitches (or competition entries): I sent 4 pitches this month, 3 of which were accepted (one for an article about playing folk music outside). I’m celebrating because one was an aspirational outlet.
  • 600 Twitter followers (up from 465): More to do here as my current number is 505.
  • 42 followers for this blog (up from 37): Mmmm, it’s gone down to 35 so again more to do here.

My November plan is as follows:

  • Write chapter 3 of book using same principle as for October and submit proposal plus first 5000 words to an agency open submission event.
  • Botany learning plan to support book writing: Work on plant family flashcards, focus on tree identification and practice flower species identification.
  • 1000 words of new nature writingover and above my book chapter. 
  • 4 pitches (or competition entries) two achievable, two aspirational
  • 600 Twitter followers (up from 505)
  • 40 followers for this blog (up from 35)
  • At the end of November I will have been freelance and otherwise unemployed for six months so I’ll have a more significant review at this point.