At the end of last week an idea began to coalesce while I was writing the proposal for a nature-writing workshop in which I’m planning to ask participants to focus on a piece of ultra-short-form writing of less than 50 words.

A number of writers I follow on Twitter use tweets as a form of nature writing which fits this ultra-short brief very well. I particularly like this one by Nicola Chester, both the rhythm and imagery of her writing and the way she uses abbreviations…

Could persuade some of my other favourite writers to share some ultra-short-form nature writing using the hashtag #ThumbnailNature? I was delighted when Dominic Couzens led the way – what a lovely man he is! Philip Strange and Richard Hargreaves then kindly took the baton and ran with it.

I’m going to spend a bit more time on Thumbnail Nature writing too as a way of promoting my writing blog and here’s my first effort. I like the expression “Never tire of…” and think I’ll be using it again.