I love a gadget, particularly a virtual one, and this thing on Twitter, which calculates which other folk you’ve interacted with most, was fun.

There was one surprise in my circle which is the inclusion of the person who blocked and unblocked me several times to prevent me following them for an unspecified reason. Being a Twitter newbie, I didn’t know what was going on and kept refollowing them – because they posted interesting tweets – thinking I’d done something stupid. How embarrassing, and a bit awkward that their face appears on my interactions circle. Sorry, perhaps I liked your tweets just too many times!

It was good to be reminded of Professor Simon Leather, who very sadly died earlier this year. He was a kind and generous man – giving me and no doubt many other people in the environmental world lots of encouragement and support – and was passionate about ecology and in particular entomology. Thanks for everything @EntoProf.