The first day of my life as a freelance writer is the first of June 2020.

The word ‘freelance’ was first used in Sir Walter Scott’s novel Ivanhoe to mean soldiers with lancers who were mercenaries and prepared to fight for the country or person who paid them the most.

Let’s be clear – I’m not! Prepared to do the writing equivalent, I mean.

Just to make life extra difficult for myself, I’m not going to write for publications where I disagree with their ethical or political stance.

Because of my stubborn insistence on only pitching to publications I like, I’m quite ready to find it harder to make money but I believe that sticking to my ethical principles will pay off in sleep-filled nights the long run.

If you don’t agree with me, it’s worth watching this video which was on the watching list of the writing course I’m doing…

Why you should never compromise your ethical principles

In preparation for the launch of my new career, I’ve also reviewed all our family spend and frantically cancelled, switched and coaxed others to reduce our outgoings to the lowest sustainable level.

I’m sure you can imagine how popular that is!