My May targets and review were as follows:

  • Write 1000 words of new nature writing: I wrote at least 1150 including an article and three nature blog posts.
  • Three article pitches: I pitched one although it wasn’t about nature and will be unpaid but is accepted for September publication. Learning from this for me from this target was that the time needed to research the publication requirements and source enough material for an article took me much longer than I expected. Of course each time I research a magazine it means I won’t be starting from scratch the next time and it does mean thought that I have some partially worked up ideas to try and use in June…
  • 10 new followers for Instagram and 5 for Twitter: I put quite a lot of effort into connecting with likely nature people on Instagram in particular which resulted in a fantastic 45 new followers and I also hit the target of 5 for Twitter. Of course it does mean that I have to invest quite a lot of time on Instagram “liking” pictures of moths, birds and plants so that my followers don’t ditch me!

My June plan is:

  • 2000 words of new nature writing
  • Four pitches to realistic outlets (ones that are more likely to accept new writers) and one aspirational pitch (where success is less likely but nothing ventured blah blah…)
  • One worked up book idea
  • 20 followers each for this blog and my nature writing blog and 100 followers each for Instagram and Twitter.