The launch of this June challenge feels perfectly timed for me. The run up to becoming a freelancer has been mostly wrangling with websites and social media and talking about nature and environment writing rather than actually doing it.

I need to bloody well cultivate a regular writing habit, probably first thing in the morning which is when I work best. And to do that I’ll need to be busy collating material from writing in the field, desk-based research and conversations for the rest of my working days.

So in response to this challenge, I’ve rashly committed to visiting 30 Great North Wood and/or London Wildlife Trust sites in June, by bike or on foot. I’ll be writing about all of them on my writing blog Suburban Wild UK The first two are there now.

I’ve pitched an article on this to the LWT blog editor… with a link to a guest post I wrote for them on months just to remind him/her who I am.