Today I’ve started sending out Freedom of Information requests to London Councils (12 of 32 so far) asking the following:

1. What are the Council’s policies in relation to weed management, use of weedkillers in general and use of glyphosate weedkillers in particular:

– in parks and other open-access green spaces;

– in social housing green spaces;

– in school grounds;

– on pavements, in tree pits and on road verges?
If these policies  are published, please could you send me the relevant web addresses.

2. Which Council cabinet member/s have responsibility for weed management of these areas as part of their portfolios?

3. When are each of these policies due to be reviewed and/or revised?

4. Are the services which delivers weed management for the areas described in question 1 delivered “in-house” or are they outsourced? (Please list and record for each service).
4a. If the services in question 4 are outsourced, which contractors provide each of the services and what are the durations of the contracts in each case?

5. How many complaints did the Council receive in each of financial years 2017-18, 2018-19 and 2019-20 in relation to weed management and use of weedkillers?